Artist Statement

Prior to July 1998 my experience with the use of watercolour was confined to the classroom at infant school. I studied at the Cleveland College of Art & Design for a period of time, but decided to leave the 'sausage factory' prior to graduation!

I came, rather late in life, to watercolour painting, and as a direct result of the premature death of my lovely wife, Janet (breast cancer).

I travel extensively and always with the view to finding possible painting subjects.

Elected to membership of the Armed Forces Art Society - (AFAS) in 2011, and have successfully exhibited annually, with them at the Mall Gallery in London, since then.

I do not have any favourite subjects as such, I tend to be motivated by that tiny 'glint' of inspiration that can capture my attention at the most unexpected of moments: when it 'bites' I have to paint - painting is my passion and as such, has taken over the greater part of my life.

To date, and to my certain knowledge, the best known dignitary to own one of my paintings is the ex-government minister Mo Molem.

Artist Statement

I constantly strive to create loose, impressionistic paintings, predominantly with watercolours, as simply and as honestly as I can. The term ' self effacing' has been used to describe my attitude towards my paintings. I think that is an accurate summary. I prefer to paint and let my paintings 'Speak' for me.